Be Kind to Yourself & Find Supports to Help your Health & Fitness Journey.

  If you have started this year off on the right foot and committed to eating better and exercising more regularly, well done!! And as you continue on this journey, you may have come to realise that focusing on our health and fitness is not just physical, but the psychological aspects play a very important […]

The Pelvic Floor and how to Train it!

This week’s blog comes from an accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Matthew Koroneos, from MK Movement.  Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers both use various exercises to improve the health of their clients, however, Exercise Physiologists may wish to specifically focus their practice on individuals who have been impacted by disease or chronic illness to help improve […]

Guest Blog from Michael @ Move Osteopathic Group – Shoulder Bursitis & How to manage it!

Today I also have a post from an Osteopath, Michael, @ Move Osteo who will be talking about Shoulder Bursitis and how to manage it. Hi guys, firstly a big thanks to Laura for the opportunity to share a blog with you all. My name is Michael and I am an osteopath @ Move Osteo […]