Client Results

Let’s face it – most of us at some point in our lives have found it difficult to get into shape and feel great.   We often feel pulled in all directions between work, family, friends, so it seems impossible to eat right, exercise enough and achieve overall wellness.  What might have worked for you in the past, just doesn’t cut it anymore.  You’ve tried lots of diets and/or training programs and just feel like you keep failing each time or not seeing the progress you desire. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I also felt this way when I started my health and fitness journey and thought that I could get into shape quickly and easily (see attached link to my story  And so many professionals in the health and fitness industry want us to believe that you can undo years of unhelpful eating and inactivity with a simple 12 week program or take a particular supplement.  Just take a look at all the online programs, training venues and Apps out there these days that promote this…. Ultimate You, 28 by Sam Wood, Kayla Itsines, Ashy Bines, …..

Unfortunately, most people’s health and fitness journey does not involve quick fixes.  Sure you may lose some weight over a 12 week challenge if you are super strict and committed for the entire 12 weeks, but what happens once the 12 weeks are over?  Most people go back to their usual habits as the changes they may have made in the 12 weeks are simply not realistic or sustainable in the long-term.   

So, your health and fitness journey has to be something that you truly and honestly commit to for the long haul.  It needs to provide a solid foundation of healthy eating and exercise so that you don’t rebound into your old ways or feel like crap at the end of it, have great energy, improve your mood, can sleep well at night, beat binge eating, but still enjoy life to its fullest.  This means adopting a flexible approach to your food intake and being committed to a regime of regular strength and conditioning sessions. 

These Bodyscape clients have done just that and sum it up nicely in these little excerpts below!  Some clients have felt like they had a lot of weight to lose, whilst others have just wanted to tone certain areas. So if you are just starting your health and fitness journey and are feeling a little overwhelmed or fearful that you just won’t be able to “get there”, then take comfort in the fact that others have been there and done that! They have been brutally honest with themselves, pushed through those negative days, remained committed and accountable (most of the time!), and challenged themselves by moving outside of their comfort zones at times, and have come out the other side a better version of themselves, both on the inside and out.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Check out their stories……

Ms. C

I came to Laura with a challenge – two years of lockdown and zero exercise, I was really out of shape.  Also, my wedding was 6 months away.  My goal was to reduce body fat and tone up.  I usually get bored with exercise classes but from the outset I loved Laura’s approach and technique. The classes are clever. I walked away feeling rejuvenated but not like I was in some serious boot camp where I was busting a lung.  She uses a psychological approach to fitness that I have not experienced before and it is beyond value for money.  Within 4 months I was back to my normal weight and went from 34% body fat to 23% within four months. I didn’t seriously diet but reduced alcohol and did a committed routine of  4 – 5 fitness sessions per week. I now drive 11kms @ 5:30am to get to one of Laura’s classes because it is so worth it! She is by far the best trainer I have worked with and a lovely person!

Ms. K

I started training with Laura at the end of 2018. Before then I was doing little other than walking. I started off doing 1 session a week then gradually increased to 2, then 3 sessions a week. I used weights from the light end of the scale, could only do elevated burpees and could barely walk after each session. When COVID hit and we went into lockdown was when things really changed for me. I looked forward to Laura’s zoom sessions as they were a little bit of time in the day just for me and it was a relief to have something positive to focus on when the rest of life was so chaotic. I was doing 6 sessions a week and without them I’m not sure what state my mental or physical health would have been at the end of the lockdowns. During this time I also tweaked my diet based on Laura’s recipes and began to keep a daily food diary. I just did the old fashioned method of writing everything down and then sending it to Laura each week, but I found just recording everything made me more mindful of what I was putting in my mouth. Since face to face sessions have resumed I’ve maintained 5-6 sessions per week and I absolutely love the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a session, although I don’t always love it during it! Since starting with Laura I’ve lost over 15kg, fit into clothes that I haven’t worn for years and am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. I still drink plenty of wine and haven’t cut any particular food groups out of my diet so I feel that the changes that I have made are sustainable for the long term.   

Ms. C

I’m so thrilled with the centimetre difference around my waist and hips!! Aside from fitness that was my goal this term, I was suddenly carrying a menopausal tummy!! Working out with Laura and reading , learning from and implementing her weekly dietary blogs have impacted positively on not just me but my whole family! When the mother is well and healthy the family is well and healthy… my kids are so proud of me and I have so much more energy and enthusiasm for them now. I simply cannot thank Laura enough. You’ve changed our lives! Thank you beautiful lady! ??

Ms. J

Thank you Laura for making me feel like a hot chicky babe … in only 10 weeks ! I haven’t been this light in 8 years ! Your nutrition advice & tips and being able to do every class you put on zoom has made a huge difference to my health & fitness (& drinking way less too). I can’t wait to restart in 2021!

Ms. J

At the start of term 4 2020, I committed to Bodyscape’s 10 week challenge. I really needed a distraction in my life and a goal to work towards. These results are from a whole 10 weeks of working out 6 times a week and learning weekly food hacks from my trainer Laura, not overnight! And I did not starve myself. I ate A LOT! 6 meals a day and around 2500-3200 calories. I did not deprive myself. I ate pizza, Lindt chocolate and popcorn each week. I worked out 6 days a week for 45 minutes, listening to my body and taking it easy when I needed to. On Sundays I did NOTHING but rested my body and had family fun day. I made sleep, stretching and meditation a priority.

You too can get results over time by being consistent. The biggest learning was don’t give up. After a weekend of binging, my weight would go up and my motivation would decline but I would not beat myself up about it and would get back on track asap. Please know You DO NOT have to take drastic measures. It actually breaks my heart when I hear of women punishing their bodies. Our bodies are amazing and should be nourished and appreciated daily. It’s all about balance and making lasting lifestyle changes!

Thank you Laura, I am so grateful! I even went out tonight to celebrate. Eating Rissoto, chicken Parma, chips and gelati ?

Ms. A

I seem to have always been on some sort of health kick or diet for as long as I can remember. After the birth of my first child,  I gained 30kg while pregnant and topped 90kg, then after the second child  decided to do something about my weight.

So I started with the basics of exercising more and cutting out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. In the first 2 weeks I’d lost 4kg and felt amazing. Not bloated anymore. So I started researching recipes and more info about veggies and fruits that were low in carbs and sugar. From there I steamed ahead.

It doesn’t have to be hard. I kept it simple. I never weighed any portions or tracked any macros as that never made any sense and I could never get my head around it. I didn’t change that much at home. We still ate the same meals as a family such as steak and salad but I wouldn’t have the chips. Or chicken and veggies, without the mash!  I also started cutting out sugar in my coffees and changed to almond milk. When dieting at other times of my life, I felt like I was missing out and then I would end up crumbling and binge eating bad foods.  Now I have made it a lifestyle change to eat well and move more, not just a quick fix and I have never felt better!

Exercising consistently and always trying to push myself that little bit more has also definitely helped with my weight loss journey.    I never thought I would enjoy exercising so much!! Although there are some days where I don’t feel like exercising, I find if I just turn up to Laura’s sessions and push myself through it, I know how much better I feel afterwards, which always motivates me to push on.

Ms. G

I may not look considerably different in my last few photos but I definitely feel like my mindset has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad foods but I am trying to offset it with getting as many training sessions in as I can with Laura and the Bodyscape community.

I’m at the stage where I’m making small gains each term whether it’s loosing centimeters or gaining muscle mass, loosing about 8kg all up so far. And I keep pushing myself and working hard and I’m proud of my improving fitness. Even though the gains may be gradual, they have brought other rewards, where the bag of pre-baby clothes I kept just in case, has certainly been good to rediscover and get into again! 

Training with Laura has definitely been a positive for me. I look forward to going and when possible I fit my work around the sessions instead of the other way around. It’s been a lifestyle change that I’m so happy to continue with indefinitely.

Ms. D

When I first started training, I set myself a goal to lose 20kgs in 8 months.  With the help of Laura’s awesome training sessions 3 times a week and sticking to a very healthy & portion controlled diet I have been able to lose the weight & keep it off. Every now & then I can’t help myself & I give into my junk food cravings and I eat that hamburger, that chocolate bar, or the bag of chips after the kids have gone to bed & I’m sitting in front of the TV! I just make sure that the next day I start all over again & try to do better, rather than throw in the towel completely. 

Recently I hit a plateau in my weight loss and my weight just wouldn’t budge. I found that picking up heavier weights, running that extra lap & just making sure I put in 100% or more in every session & not giving into my cravings helped change this for me.  Meal prepping also helps keep my eating habits on track especially on those days where I’m too tired, don’t have enough time to cook myself a healthy meal or the family want to eat something I shouldn’t.   When I set off on this journey it was all about being able to fit into a dress but now it’s become so much more than that. It’s become my new way of life & I’ve never felt better!   My severe sciatica pain hasn’t flared up and I feel stronger than ever before!

Ms. D

For years now I have been yo-yo dieting and failing miserably but come January 2019 a memory came up on my phone and I was like what have I done to myself! In denial saying I’m not that big, I’m not that unhealthy- well reality certainly kicked in when I saw the pic of me ?. I will not show you yet which pic gave me a fright but maybe one day I will if I ever get the courage. So there began my weight loss journey, let’s just say the first few months were tough but I stuck through the pain, sweat and tears as the results were proven to work. I set up little milestones and every time I achieved it, I gave myself a little happy dance and looked really hard in the mirror and said “you got this girl!” I have 3 little girls that I want to be the best version of myself for them and teach them to love themselves and their bodies, so now we are on a health kick at home and we don’t use the word “fat” as I don’t want them to feel like everything is about the scales and how they look but more about being the best version of themselves by looking after their inside out. I now have a new love for the gym and love taking pics to see the change in my body. I take any chance to train even if it’s at home and have no regrets ?.  So if you really want something set your mind to achieve it because, with persistence, it can happen!