Training Formats

Individual & Small Group Training

These sessions cater to individuals or small groups (up to 5 people) and are tailored to individual fitness goals and abilities at a time that suits you. Sessions are always varied involving a combination of strength training, using body-weight or free weights (sanitised if provided by our trainers, or you can bring your own); metabolic training; brief high intensity training; and cardiovascular work.  Your trainer will ensure training is at the right level for you, whilst also being challenging, safe, non-intimidating and most importantly, fun!   You will also be given individual motivational and nutritional support and advice to consider and implement throughout your fitness journey to help you meet your goals sooner and get results.  Session times vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and are very affordable.  Contact us for more information on our pricing structure.

Large Group Virtual & Face-to-Face Bootcamps/Corporate Training

These sessions involve 6 or more clients and cater to all fitness levels and abilities.  Once again, each session is different so clients will never be bored of the same program, with sessions involving a combination of training types.  These sessions can be tailored to corporate groups as a fantastic team builder or simply to improve fitness within the work environment.  Session times vary from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.   For more information on our current group program schedule, see the Services page of our website or contact us if you would like to access a free trial.  For corporate training prices, please contact us directly.

Session Inclusions & Complimentary Services

Both individual and large group training sessions offer the following inclusions and complimentary services:

  • Initial Health Check/Fitness Assessment, including body composition measurements, fitness testing & goal setting
  • Nutrition Plan including monitoring of food diaries if required
  • Sample Meal Planning Ideas and Recipe ebooks
  • Tips and tricks for improving fitness and nutrition
  • Regular challenges
  • Post Fitness Assessment at the end of your goal period