Be Kind to Yourself & Find Supports to Help your Health & Fitness Journey.


If you have started this year off on the right foot and committed to eating better and exercising more regularly, well done!!

And as you continue on this journey, you may have come to realise that focusing on our health and fitness is not just physical, but the psychological aspects play a very important role – from setting goals, to eating and exercising mindfully, to managing our emotions and stress through getting active and embracing a healthy diet.

In order to look and feel our best, it’s not just about what you see in the mirror or the number on the scale.  While these things may be important to you from time to time, remind yourself that its far more important to make health and fitness a part of your life, a part of your every day, in order to feel energised each day, or to feel confident at work or in your relationships.

So remember to pat yourself on the back every healthy step you take, as every step is progress and worthy of being celebrated to help you conquer bigger and better health and fitness goals. 

Similarly, remember to not beat yourself up if you have a slip up or you have fallen off the bandwagon for a few days, weeks or months. We all have our moments or times where we may plateau.  Take these moments as an opportunity to regroup and set some new, realistic and achievable goals, and take one step at a time to make them happen.

And if you feel you can’t do it alone, that’s OK.   We should all try to enlist the help of others around us to help keep us motivated along the way and share our health and fitness journey.  Whether that be hiring a personal trainer, asking family to help you make good food choices at home, bringing a friend or  work colleague to a fitness class, or chatting to new faces that you have met at the class.

Permanent lifestyle changes often happen when we get together with others and help each other out as we can’t always see things within ourselves.  We often need others to point things out to us, like what a great job we are doing when exercising, or some new healthy food swaps we can make.  Whatever you can do to share the load will help along the way.

So bottom line – be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to find supports to help you on your health and fitness journey!!