The “school holidays are over” Burpee Challenge!

School holidays are nearly over and I’m sure many of you may have slackened off with your fitness regime over the break!!  And this cold weather in Melbourne makes it even harder to stay motivated!  Lots of excuses start to kick in – “I don’t have time as the kids are home and I need to keep them entertained!”, “It’s too cold or dark outside!” etc etc.

Well over the past month or so we have been talking about Goal Setting and trying to squeeze in any little bit of exercise you can, even when you are time poor. So, this week’s challenge certainly relates to both of these topics!!

Over the next week, I want you to set yourself a goal to complete 280 burpees (yep, that’s right – 280!) by doing the following:

Monday = 10 burpees – 5 x 2 sets

Tuesday = 20 burpees – 10 x 2 sets

Wednesday = 30 burpees – 15 x 2 sets

Thursday = 40 burpees – 20 x 2 sets

Friday = 50 burpees – 25 x 2 sets

Saturday = 60 burpees – 30 x 2 sets

Sunday = 70 burpees – 35 x 2 sets

If you can do more than 2 sets each day, go for it, or if you need to break down the reps into more sets, that’s OK too!  Just try to get them done, even if you need to spread them out throughout the day when you have a spare 5-10 minutes here or there.  Remember, every little bit helps!!  And you don’t need any equipment to do it, so no excuses!!

How many you can do over the week?

Get cracking!