What’s in Your Fridge??

Bodyscape’s recent blogs have been talking about making changes by thinking differently about health and fitness, making healthy food swaps, doing some low impact exercises at home to keep up your motivation, and understanding what’s in our foods (macros) so that we can start making better choices.

So today’s blog sets you a challenge – Open your fridge and/or pantry and carefully check out what’s inside!  I challenge you to throw away at least 3 foods that will hinder good nutritional habits!

In case you were wondering, here’s a sneak peak inside my fridge!!

Lots of fresh produce including:

  • prewashed salads and herbs,
  • carrot and celery sticks,
  • meal prepped diced vegies,
  • a huge tray of quiche for quick breakfasts or lunches,
  • a roast chook in case I get desperate and need some pre-prepared protein,
  • Greek yoghurt,
  • ricotta,
  • cottage cheese,
  • dip,
  • eggs and
  • some low-sugar jelly in case I am craving something sweet at night which I might team up with some Greek yoghurt or berries.

Good food to make eating healthy quick, simple and delicious!