Finally got myself into a great fitness class after many years of not doing anything! Great instructor and great friendly atmosphere!  Luisa, Gladstone Park.

Laura has an incredible, addictive energy that makes attending her sessions something I really look forward to – physically and mentally.  Laura is knowledgeable, experienced, and an encouraging, supportive trainer. Gladstone Park client.

I look forward to my sessions, its a great environment, great bunch of people & I always walk away feeling like I’ve pushed myself.  Great to be able to bring the kids too when needed.  Gabby, Gladstone Park.

Best training I’ve done in a long time.   It’s a great workout and I feel like I’ve worked hard.  Gladstone Park client.

Laura is the best trainer I’ve ever experienced.  Lots of variety, patience and knowledge and a mean set of guns! Brunswick client.

I love the ongoing support and encouragement you give and always come away feeling like I’ve had a great workout.  I love the variety of the sessions and the flexibility to do make-up classes is invaluable.  Thanks for all your hard work Laura.  Brunswick client.

Great workout and fantastic we can bring the kids. I feel a difference by the end of the week.  Bruna, Gladstone Park .

I love how Laura makes me feel comfortable and she understands I have trouble with certain exercises. She always shows me a different way and let’s me work at my own pace.  She is amazing and inspiring.    Mirella, Gladstone Park.

After only a few weeks, I feel fitter, healthier and more energized and I get to enjoy the company of a fantastic group of women whilst doing it.  Brunswick client.

The Bodyscape sessions have been great getting me back into fitness.  They are in a supportive environment that provide a challenge.  They have also encouraged me to do additional fitness activities.  Brunswick client.

I love the variety of exercises.  It keeps it interesting.  Laura is a fab motivator and an inspiration.  She manages a family and looks the way she does – “wow”.  First time I have dripped with sweat at a workout!   Laura is informative and professional and knows her stuff!  Jen, Brunswick

Your sessions have been the best thing I’ve done since moving to Melbourne!!  I absolutely love how you set up each session.  I have done a few bootcamps before but yours are by far my favourite! Each week I can feel myself getting stronger but more importantly I have started to feel better within myself in terms of having more energy and thinking more positively. Thanks so much for all your help, expertise and advice on getting me back on track with fitness! You have no idea how much I have appreciated it and what it has meant 🙂  Jenna, Carlton.

Laura is fantastic.  The workouts are wonderful and fun – a great variety.  And working in a group environment is a great motivation. Skye, Gladstone Park.

Great Instructor and have loved my time here. Bree, Westmeadows

Laura’s sessions are hard work but great fun. I feel fitter and much healthier. Skye, Westmeadows

I love the variety of the sessions that Laura puts together for us.  We’ve never repeated the same session twice!  Great combo of strength training and cardio. Brunswick client.

Been so happy so far.  I’m really enjoying Laura’s training.  I feel I push myself more. Gabby, Westmeadows

I love Laura’s sessions!! I always feel so energetic and HAPPY after :).  Jo, Brunswick

Loved the variety of the sessions.   People and trainer were friendly and committed.  Katrina, Westmeadows

Laura’s sessions are fun and varied, a great challenge getting into exercise.  Anne, Brunswick.

Love working out with Laura.  Fun and intense training.  Brunswick client.

Laura is fantastic! She pushes me, encourages me and mixes up the classes so that it’s never boring.  Highly recommend!  Hayley, Westmeadows

I have loved it – enjoyed coming! Gloria, Westmeadows

I really enjoy your sessions Laura!  I love the variety and how you have modified the exercises for me.  A great workout given by a very supportive instructor! Melissa, Brunswick

Laura is fantastic at changing up the sessions to keep things interesting.  I find myself motivated by the energy she brings to each session.  Georgina, Brunswick.

I am very grateful for being able to utilise you and your services – you are a great trainer!  Suzanne, Carlton.

I love the variety and that it is tailored.  Gladstone Park client.

Enjoy the sessions.  Really well put together and feel very good every time we are done!  Gladstone Park client.

I think you provide a great variety of activities and are very mindful of your audience/group which is refreshing and appreciated.  Brunswick client.

I look forward to my training sessions and have noticed a big improvement in my abilities and stamina from when I first began and I have even been able to increase my days per week!  Danielle, Gladstone Park.

I have enjoyed my sessions, my fitness level is getting better and better which is great!  Gloria, Gladstone Park.

So much fun and the group is very friendly.  Easy to find and very time effective.  Would highly recommend.  Gladstone Park client.

Love the classes, enjoy the mix up every week. Laura is a great motivator.  Andrea, Gladstone Park.

Like the classes a lot.  Tanya, Gladstone Park.

I thoroughly enjoy Laura’s sessions.  She always makes the sessions challenging, different and interesting.  Very professional.  Gladstone Park client.

The sessions have been great.  The variety is fantastic and Laura’s motivation and encouragement is wonderful.  Skye, Gladstone Park.

I love coming along to the sessions.  It’s a relaxed, non-judgmental group who have a laugh but are motivated to try their best.  I love that no two sessions are the same.  Gladstone Park client.

I’ve been more motivated than ever coming to these sessions.  Always a good vibe with a lovely bunch of people.  I’ve looked forward to the days that I can come.  Gabby, Gladstone Park.

I love training with Laura.  It’s very convenient and time efficient. The variety of training keeps me motivated! Gladstone Park client.

Love the sessions, always challenging! Gladstone Park client.

Absolutely love Bodyscape’s sessions.  Every session is different and so much fun.  Gladstone Park client.

Kick started my exercise routine.  Very motivating and kid friendly. Kylie, Gladstone Park.

I really enjoy the sessions.  I find they always change and continue to be challenging. Also Laura is really supportive and motivating.  Amanda, Brunswick.

Love it!! Best group of girls.  Great trainer. Andrea, Gladstone Park.

Love that every class is different.  Gladstone Park client.

I have enjoyed attending these sessions and they are very motivating. Gladstone Park client.